The Earth is Flat

About Michał Rzeszewski

Welcome. My name is Michał Rzeszewski and I am teaching (others), learning (myself) and researching (things) at the Faculty of Geological and Geographical Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland).

You will probably find here traces of all of may interests, scientific or otherwise, from my papers and presentations in Research, to materials from my current and past courses in Dydaktyka.

My scientific interests evolved over time from geomorphometry, past and future sea-level rise (Ph.D. thesis) to spatial behaviours, social networks and geospatial web on which I work in the Department of Human Spatial Behaviours.

Since I use a lot of FOSS4G packages am trying to give the community something back by writing gis educational materials and being involved in promoting free and open source software.

And apart from this I am lazy, curious, often lost and always friendly geographer. So if You find something interesting, feel free to ask and contact me by email (look for it somewhere on the right).

My other projects, sites and interests:

  • Himalaje 2007 - photography and travel in the highest of mountains.

Social networks: It may be strange but apart from researching social networks I have very little to do with them, but there are some exceptions: